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Trading Live Online Traders Toolbox for the ABCD, Gartley and Butterfly Patterns - $399

This package is for learning to trade these patterns in real time. Have you ever been caught in a trade not knowing what to do? This tool box of materials will teach you what to do in many market situations and to react quickly with solid trading decisions based on technical information not emotions.

When I created these materials, I wanted to give traders tools that were "non static", meaning, what are traders most likely to experience in real time. What are the major roadblocks that we all face as traders. Books are great for learning information, but they are static, they are not real time in moving markets and I wanted to try and fill that gap educationally with these materials.

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Trading Live Online 8 Week Mentoring Course for the ABCD, Gartley and Butterfly Patterns - $895

The goal of this course is to strengthen trading skills and develop an individual trading plan based on the ABCD, Gartley and Butterfly patterns through one on one mentoring. This course involves trader interaction with completing assignments.

This course is a modified course of the full mentoring program and designed for traders who already have knowledge and a foundation in pattern recognition with the ABCD, Gartley and Butterfly patterns. This is for traders who may be having some difficulty in real time and want to improve and build their trading skills and develop a trading plan. This course is for those traders who would like one on one feedback and coaching.

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Trading Live Online Mentoring Program

I work with traders in this program on a personal level. We start with a solid foundation in the trading setups and develop a written trading plan. Many traders have a difficult time either creating, following or focusing on a trading plan. I work with each trader to build trading skills and teach a process to learn to identify trading errors that can be very costly both financially and emotionally.

I believe that if traders do not know specifically how they make money and specifically how they lose money they will always be subject to a cycle of account volatility where they make money and then give it back. It's most important for traders to learn how to trade through losing periods. Trading through winning streaks is easy, learning to trade through losing streaks is another matter and I believe a key to success in trading.

It also of great importance to learn to develop the mindset as a tool that works with the method, without this it's not likely that a trader can move forward and become profitable. Both the mindset and the method have to be developed together.

Traders tend to form negative habits in trading that can keep them from moving forward and becoming profitable and the steps in this program can show traders how and where those negative habits show up and steps to take to build new habits.

Traders work in an environment of 100% uncertainty each day, meaning we never know how the right hand side of a chart is going to be filled in, so traders must learn to truly "think" and then act in probabilities. This means that one must learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable in this uncertain environment. The mentoring program helps traders to understand this not only from an intellectual point of view but from also from an action point of view of learning to do the right thing.

If you would like a no obligation 30 minute phone consultation please contact me at

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