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Trade What You See is an excellent guide to help traders filter through market volatility and media hype, offering is a concise overview of how to look at the markets and identify high probability, low-risk trade opportunities. From Fibonacci ratios and AB=CD patterns to trade management and trading plans, this book provides basic trade guidelines to help any trader can supplement his own trading style.

Scott H.

Trade What You See is a terrific trading book that will leave readers with a complete trading plan to apply to any market in any time frame. In addition to being written in a style that even the most novice trader will grasp (no fuzzy industry terminology), this book has perhaps the most appropriate title of any trading book I’ve read...and I’ve read many. Readers aren’t required to learn any high-level math or understand complex financial analysis. The patterns and setups covered are very clearly explained and definitive rules for each setup are detailed. I highly recommend this book.

Kevin R.

This is one of the easiest reading technical analysis books I've read. The book lays out a fairly simple mechanical system that can be implemented immediately to improve your bottom line. I've been using the patterns and techniques in this book for a little over a month and it’s helped me more than just about any other book out there. I now have a specific plan of action and rules to follow when I enter the market every day.

J. Clark

I’m new to the world of trading, and I’ve already read many books, seen seminars, etc. Out of everything I’ve read, this book is not only the most practical and objective, but it also includes many poignant examples of both successful and failed trades. I cannot recommend this book enough. Out of every trading book I have, this is my favorite. It’s well worth the money.

Matt K.

Trade What You See provides an excellent overview for people interested in trading stock and commodity markets. Many books try and guarantee that the markets will provide you with riches and absurd returns. Instead, the authors of this book are very careful to not provide wild exaggerations of potential market trading profits, but a clear and concise explanation of market patterns and using Fibonacci ratios to determine when to enter and exit the market. There’s no hype, just a pragmatic, objective approach to stock trading. Anyone who trades stocks or commodities needs this book.

Gordy F.

Trade What You See is sure to become a classic and included on most recommended reading lists for traders and investors. The price patterns work in multiple time frames and the clarity of the patterns, step-by-step methodology for trading each pattern, recommended money management, and history of each pattern make this book very unique and useful.

Fran R.

I’ve built a small library of trading books in my search for the information needed to trade for a living and I have to say that Trade What You See is the answer I was looking for. It's different than most trading books, because it focuses on pattern recognition and doesn’t use any indicators. It took me a little while to remove the moving averages and other indicators I was using (with little success) and try this method. My win percentage is now over 60% consistently and for the first time, I see that I’ll be able to trade for a living. The book covers it all, from the patterns and money management to the required discipline and daily routine. It changed my trading career for life.

Josh F.

What a bargain this book is! If you're a beginning trader, it will shave years off your learning curve. As an 11-year veteran, I found plenty of little gems to increase my edge on the market. This is without a doubt a very relevant book. It takes into account the advances in technology, and has great examples and a winning trading strategy that works across most, if not all markets. It should, and probably will be, in every trader's library. It’s an out-of-the-park home run.

Chris D.