Trend Day-Trading

This Self Study Trading Course is designed for traders wanting in-depth materials and training on pattern recognition setups, such as the AB=CD, Gartley and Butterfly patterns covered in the book, “Trade What You See, How to Profit from Pattern Recognition” that they can study at their own pace.

The Trading Live Online Self Study Trading Course goes far beyond book learning and is designed to build skills for real-time trading. It teaches you strong skills using materials and actual market setups, recorded in real-time demonstrating how to identify and monitor setups that are forming.

The real-time recorded trade set-ups explain step by step why a pattern setup may be valid or invalid. These live market videos point out where trader hesitation points may occur and suggestions for those situations.

You study and learn techniques for entering setups, placing stop losses, moving stop losses and exit strategies. The videos walk you through setups from the earliest point of pattern recognition to the end of trades, including identifying important warning signs.