September 8, 2021, Energy Market and Stocks Trading Setups

Ten-minute video of stocks I presented for on September 8, 2021, as trading setups that were at buy points. The focus was on Energy stocks using my technical analysis and specific pattern recognition setups; The AB=CD and Gartley buy patterns.AAPL stock was also a trading setup with a sell pattern.
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Testimonial from D.S.

“It’s been 1 year since I started in your membership program. It’s been the best decision to have you as my mentor. You’ve taught me so much and showed me how to trade to keep things simple and not lose sight of the basics. Thank you, Leslie, for your teaching and fantastic support to get me where I am today. I learn from you every day. You show me the nuances of the market on a daily basis. I finally found how I want to trade.”


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“I find the service to be very helpful to newbies and experienced traders. It’s great!


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“One thing I’m learning about in this room, aside from technical skills, is trade management. It’s an area that I wasn’t even thinking about when I took the trial, but I can see how important it is.”


Anonymous Testimonial

“Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a chat room where Leslie Jouflas, CMT has pointed out trading setups using Fibonacci ratio patterns and suggested how those trades would be managed if taken. I’ve been impressed with the clarity, detail and openness that Leslie provides. The percentage of successful trades and the profits on those trades are such that you should make money following the opportunities suggested. I personally enjoy the fact that I can see the setups myself, because the methodology is so clear, and therefore have seen a dramatic improvement in my short-term trading skills as a result of Leslie’s mentoring”


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“Having wandered from trading site to trading site for over 5 years, I’ve finally found the site that matched up with the methodology I believed in and the trader to present quality trades called meticulously in real time as they’re developing. Leslie Jouflas, CMT presents the most direct, no-nonsense called trades I’ve ever experienced. Watching Leslie has helped me pull it all together. I’ve stopped my search; I’ve found where I need to be…and the growth and confidence I’m now seeing in myself has given me the hope that I can finally become the successful trader I know I can be. Thank you Leslie.”


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“I continue to be amazed by the very well considered and executed trades by Leslie in her Live Charts Forum. Her track record is better than I’ve ever seen, and her patience in waiting for the “best potential trade” is something I aspire to. I highly recommend you check out Leslie Jouflas.”


Testimonial from Larry Pesavento, Tucson, AZ

“Leslie is one of my brightest and accomplished students I’ve had the pleasure of teaching. We’ve co-authored two books on trading, Essentials of Trading – It’s Not What You Think But How You Think, Traders Press and Trade What You See – How to Profit From Pattern Recognition, Wiley & Sons, 2007. We’ve also co authored many published articles on trading. Her work ethic is as professional as any trader I know and she has the patience and skills necessary to teach others.”

Larry Pesavento, Tucson, AZ